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Specialista in sviluppo aziendale 100%

Sosterrai lo sviluppo e il miglioramento dei centri di formazione professionale in Kenya attraverso l'ottimizzazione dei processi e dei sistemi di gestione e amministrazione.

The Salesians of Don Bosco (SDB) have been involved in youth development and vocational education since 1859. At that time, Father Giovanni Melchiorre Bosco - better known as "Don Bosco" - founded the Salesian Congregation "to serve young people and provide them with education and pastoral care". Since then, the SDB has built up a network of some 826 Salesian vocational training institutes around the world. In sub-Saharan Africa alone, the SDB currently runs 102 training facilities in 35 countries, training some 30,000 young people every year. In Kenya, Don Bosco runs a total of 5 TVET colleges with a total of 2870 students.

SDB targets the most vulnerable groups of young people who have difficulties paying school fees. Increasing the revenue generated by the production units of the colleges would not only improve the financial sustainability of the colleges and reduce the burden of paying school fees for vulnerable groups but also strengthen the practical side of the training programmes and promote the entrepreneurial component in vocational training.

Your activities/tasks

As a Comundo co-worker, you will be part of Comundo’s country program in Kenya. You will contribute to strengthening production units of Don Bosco TVET facilities so that children and youth have better prospects by developing relevant skills through high-quality and inclusive TVET. Working at the SDB head office in Nairobi or at one of its TVET facilities you will support the improvement of production units attached to TVET colleges. You will train production unit managers to run their units more effectively and make training programs more practical.

Among others you will:

  • Conduct assessments of production units in various SDB TVET facilities.
  • Develop a model for TVET facilities to strengthen their production units by making them more autonomous and profitable.
  • Support the introduction of improved management and administration systems for the production units and their integration into the training cycle.
  • Assist in piloting and upscaling new models.
  • Support in strengthening the entrepreneurial component in TVET.

Your profile

  • Solid qualification in business development/business management.
  • Experience in TVET and the running of TVET institutes are an advantage.
  • If possible, working as a teacher or trainer of trainers/teachers.
  • Experience in the development of administrative systems and organizational development.
  • Substantial computer literacy and very good command of the English language.






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