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Specialista E-learning nel settore sanitario (m/f) 100%

Come professionista e specialista di e-learning, porterai la tua esperienza per formare gli operatori sanitari sulla costa del Kenya.

The global impact of Covid19 has shown how important it is that we rethink the way we learn. It is becoming more important to be able to work and study from home. In Kenya, the potential benefits of e-learning options are made even more important by the additional challenges of economic hardship, quality of teaching, transportation problems, and the lack of educational opportunities for millions of young men and women.

Since 2007, the Kenya School for Integrated Medicine has used traditional learning methods (face-to-face teaching) in its learning programs. The school has now recognized the need to provide a more blended learning experience to meet the needs and aspirations of students, local communities, and the country at large. The College has decided that e-learning will become an important component of the instructional program that will enhance the quality of learning and allow for the expansion of the student community. A comprehensive e-learning concept will be developed based on which an e-learning platform will then be established, and e-learning programs will be developed.

Your activities / tasks

As a Comundo co-worker, you will contribute to strengthening the school’s education department. Specifically, you will provide support so that e-learning becomes an important component for the school and enables the expansion of the student community. Among others you will:

  • Develop an e-learning concept and guidelines and set up an e-learning platform.
  • Do a needs assessment on training areas and content and of teachers’ digital capacities.
  • Train teachers, IT staff and students.
  • Development of digital teaching materials and e-learning modules.
  • Actively seek contact with other colleges involved in e-learning.

Your profile

  • Working experience in health education and the use of e-learning technologies and tools
  • Understanding and expertise in education management
  • Familiarity and confidence in using e-learning platforms and with TEL (technology enhanced learning)
  • Teaching experience is and added advantage
  • Ability to work respectfully with children, youth, and women from vulnerable and impoverished backgrounds
  • Good English language skills
  • Residence in Switzerland or Germany




Candidati ora

Educazione, Salute
Kwale /  Kenya
2-3 anni


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