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Marketing (Junior-Assignment) 100%

Internship to identify and develop new product lines and natur-based products.

«Kwetu Training Centre for Sustainable Development (KWETU)» is a grassroots Non-Governmental Organization founded in 1997. KWETU envisages a poverty free community living in a safe and healthy environment. Its mission is being implemented in the entire Coast Province through initiatives that empower communities to embrace innovative strategies for livelihoods enhancement, natural resources management and climate change mitigation as well as safeguard human rights and dignity. 

Partner Organisation
KWETU is the only training centre at the coast, which provides informal training to out of school youth in nature-based businesses. Its role as a critical support system for local initiatives has resulted in widespread impact along the coast, including the planting of more than 190,000 mangrove seedlings since 2007. More than 5000 people were trained in sustainable livelihoods from fish farming to processing and sales of neem, fruits, honey. The organization supports local groups of young people, women and artisanal fishermen engaged in fish-farming, bee-keeping and ecotourism activities in coastal communities.

As Intern of Comundo you support KWETU in identifying and developing of new product lines or products, develop innovative packaging for products, develop fact sheets and information leaflets about the use of each product, develop production plans together with staff and contribute to revising existing training materials for their courses. You also assess needs and knowledge of staff in production development and support staff trainings in this area.

Objectives of the post

  • KWETU training centre is strengthened as an innovative product development and processing centre for nature-based products.
  • Staff have improved knowledge in product development and quality production and can transfer this knowledge to others.


  • A creative and innovative product designer (preferably in nature-based products), who knows how to link practice with theory e.g. through training / mentoring of trainers and development of training materials.
  • Very good English language skills
  • Resident in Switzerland"




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