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Business management / Marketing (per giovani) 100%

Con il tuo supporto, l'organizzazione partner KWETU mira a identificare e sviluppare nuove linee di prodotti e a professionalizzare la commercializzazione di questi prodotti naturali.

Our partner organisation KWETU is the only training centre at the Kenyan coast, which provides in-formal training to out of school youth in nature-based businesses. More than 5000 people were trained in sustainable livelihoods from fish farming to processing and sales of neem, fruits, honey. The organisation supports local groups of young people, women and artisanal fishermen engaged in fish-farming, beekeeping and ecotourism activities in coastal communities.

KWETU also provides access to markets for products that producers cannot sell themselves, which sometimes leads to higher supply than demand. In order to increase product sales, there is a need to diversify the existing product range and innovate packaging to respond to the changing market de-mand.

Activities / tasks

As a junior of Comundo you will contribute to improving the access and quality of educational oppor-tunities for the target groups within the country programme of Comundo in Kenya. You primarily support KWETU in the further development of its nature based products as well as in marketing of the same. You will:

Improve existing product range

Develop innovative packaging for the products 

Develop fact sheets, and information leaflets of the products

Support KWETU in enhancing the pricing and stock taking systems 

Support KWETU in developing marketing materials and opening new channels (e.g. online)

Your profile

Degree in business management or marketing 

creative and innovative personality

Ability to link theory with practice and pass it on to others

Resident in Switzerland




CV / Files


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