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Insegnante di movimento / Acrobata 100%

Sostieni lo sviluppo dei bambini e delle bambine in Zambia attraverso un migliore accesso allo sport.

Our partner organisation Circus Zambia (CZ) works with young people and communities from marginalized urban areas in Lusaka. Young people from these areas experience a lack of facilities and services, such as access to clean water, good education and most importantly, a supportive environment to provide mentorship and support growth. Often, they experience stigma and discrimination because of living in areas associated with criminality and drug abuse. Because of these limitations they are not able to develop to their full potential and risk ending up in criminality, drug abuse or having teen age pregnancies. Research has proven that physical exercise is an essential part in youth development and helps develop bodies and minds.

Your activities / tasks

As a Comundo co-worker, you will contribute to improved access to quality and well-structured physical education activities both at Circus Zambia and in other community schools as part of Comundo's country program in Zambia. You support the Circus Zambia team with the following activities, among others:

  • You train the 6 trainers and the Head of program of CZ methodically-didactically and support them in the improvement of the training programs.
  • You will evaluate the existing structures and tools of the training program, make recommendations, and develop suitable monitoring instruments together with the team.
  • You develop Training of Trainers course and handbook for CZ and community school teachers
  • You train community school teachers in basic physical education knowledge

Your profile

  • Degree in Physical Education
  • Experience in the field of teaching physical education and a passion for Circus
  • Experience in developing and structuring training programs
  • Experience in writing curricula for physical education activities
  • Ability to adapt to changing circumstances and be flexible when plans change
  • Ability to work in a sometimes chaotic environment




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Campo d'attività
Lusaka /  Zambia
2-3 anni


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