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Zambia belongs to the group of the poorest countries in the world (HDI 141/187). Therefore, most of the population lives in tough situations without sufficient access to health care, education, social welfare and protection of their rights. HIV/AIDS has further worsened the situation by bringing the traditional social system to the brink of collapse. 66.2% of the population is below the age of 25 years. Our partner organization DAPP runs various projects across all 10 provinces of Zambia reaching over 1.5 million people with common goals to tackle humanitarian, social and environmental chal-lenges through empowering local communities. DAPP works with long-term sustainable programs that address the needs of families and communities by empowering people to take action to improve their circumstances in a collective and collaborative way.

Your activities / tasks

As a co-worker of Comundo you will contribute to improving access to and the quality of educational opportunities for all within the country programme of Comundo in Zambia. You support DAPP in two of their projects, building capacity in teachers and staff members in entrepreneurship in the Children Town and the Small-scale Farmer’s club. You develop programs and train staff in teaching and men-toring skills, and knowledge related to entrepreneurship /start-ups, such as business and finance administration, market research, marketing and selling. 

Your profile

Qualification in business administration, management or related field

Experience in running or advising on start-ups

Experience in leading and managing capacity building and trainings in the area of entrepreneur-ship, marketing and/or business management

Strong communication skills in addressing people with a wide range of educational backgrounds

Be a problem-solver

Interest in organic farming, environment protection a plus




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Management / Commercio
Chibombo District /  Zambia
2-3 anni


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