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Formatore/trice di gestione dell'ospitalità 100%

Grazie alle tue competenze professionali nella formazione professionale e la tua esperienza lavorativa, contribuirai a formare i giovani del Kenya nel settore turistico-alberghiero.

Youth unemployment is one of the biggest challenges especially in Africa. One of the main factors is lack of employable skills, and a lack of or inadequate supply of technical and vocational education and training (TVET). TVET is considered the most important means to enables youth to acquire the necessary skills to enter the labor market and earn a living.

Our partner organisation Ujima is committed to helping youth with limited opportunities, especially orphaned heads of households between the ages of 18 and 24, to become economically and socially self-sufficient and thus able to take responsibility for their siblings. Ujima trains these youths on employability skills, entrepreneurship, hospitality, hair and beauty, and works together with over 100 employers for attachment and job opportunities.

Your activities / tasks

As a Comundo co-worker, you will contribute towards disadvantaged youth having better professional and social prospects for employment in the hospitality industry through quality VET with a special focus on work-based learning (WBL). Specifically, you will provide support for the development of a training strategy in general and the development of modern and innovative methods and curricula to provide high quality training in the hospitality industry. You will:

·         Develop curricula and learning materials.

·         Develop a training program for teachers and private sector instructors in pedagogy.

·         Develop guidelines for WBL (dual education) and develop and pilot training based on WBL.

·         Develop a monitoring system to measure progress of students and to improve the quality of the course.

·         Develop strategies to create synergies and put in place exchange programs with other training institutes.

Your profile

·         Solid education in hospitality management or a similar field.

·         Experience in TVET and in work-based learning (dual education).

·         Practical experience in developing training programs and training materials.

·         Experience in organisational development and communication is an advantage.

·         Good knowledge of English.

·         Residence in Switzerland or Germany.




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