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In qualità di collaboratore, sostieni i dipendenti dell'organizzazione Karai Children’s vocational centre nel rendere redditizio il laboratorio di falegnameria.

Kenya struggles to contain its heavy youth unemployment: 4 out of 10 young Kenyans are unemployed. Kenya is lagging behind the sub-Saharan mean in several key indicators, including vocational and technical skills, retention of skilled talent and opportunities for growth and development of talent. There is a profound mismatch between, on the one hand, the educational systems that typically do a fair job of forming routine workers and professionals, and on the other hand, the requirements of emerging technology-driven society where machines are taking over routine jobs.

Partner Organisation
The organisation Karai Children’s vocational centre started in 1983 through a partnership between the evangelical parish Münsingen (Germany) and the Presbyterian Church in Eldoret. In August 2008 all children from the home in Eldoret moved to Karai. Since then, the organization was further developed through schools and income generating projects. The project currently comprises a primary school, a children's home and a vocational school. The Karai Children’s vocational centre gives a home and education to street children from different parts of Kenya and has currently 4 departments in their vocational centre: carpentry, dressmaking, hairdressing and beauty therapy and an electrical department. It is located in the village of Lusigetti, near the town Kikuyu - about 30 km from the Kenyan capital Nairobi.

Tasks / Activities
As co-worker of COMUNDO you support primarily the staff to making the carpentry production unit profitable. The carpentry workshop is well equipped with high-end-machines. You carry out a cost analysis and market research. You support and train the team in optimizing production processes and establish guidelines on usage of machines and materials.


  • The existing carpentry production unit is profitable.
  • Increased acquisition of orders to create a sufficient sales volume.
  • Staff is trained to improve the manufacturing processes.
  • Improved quality of carpenter training.


  • Diploma as carpenter.
  • Minimum 3 year’s working experience as a carpenter.
  • Skills in business development and project management.
  • Resident in Switzerland or Germany.
  • Very good English language skills and willingness to learn some basic Kiswahili.




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Artigianato / Tecnologia
Lusigetti /  Kenya
2-3 anni


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