Country Program Bolivia

In Bolivia, COMUNDO is particularly involved in supporting disadvantaged indigenous and peasant women in rural areas and the outskirts of cities, as well as youths. We also assist disadvantaged population groups seeking access to employment, thus improving their living conditions. In order to reach these goals, we work together with local civil society organizations.
The Program Manager and the Country Program Manager are responsible for the development and the implementation of the country program.

Our projects in Bolivia

Andrés Dehmel Bolivien

Perspectives for people in migration

Andrés Dehmel, social pedagogue

Field: livelihood security
Period: 16.7.2018 - 9.7.2021
Partner organization: Pastoral de la Movillidad Humana (PMH)

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Anne-Margarita Erbe Bolivien

Promoting agricultural training

Anne-Margarita Erbe,
Latin Americanist, publicist

Field: livelihood security
Period: 16.7.2018 - 9.7.2021
Partner organization: Fundación Cononia Piraí (FCP)

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Lisa Macconi in Bolivien

Strengthening women's organisations

Lisa Macconi,

Field: democracy and peace
Period: 1.8.2018 - 31.7.2021
Partner organization: Instituto de Formación Feminina Integral

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Porträt Nicole Maron

Strengthening the civil society

Nicole Maron,
journalist and adult educator

Field: democracy and peace
Period: 1.1.2017 - 31.12.2019
Partner organization:

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Research and alternative education

Alvaro Miguel Meruvia Meruvia, communication expert, teologian

Field: democracy and peace
Period: 1.1.2018 - 31.12.2018
Partner organization:
Machaqua Amawta (FMA) Website

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Alain Vimercati

Social housing scheme

Alain Vimercati,

Field: livelihood security
Period: 1.8.2013 - 31.7.2019
Partner organization
Foundation Pro-Habitat

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Sandra Wechner

Strenghting women affected by poverty

Sandra Wechner,
political scientist

Field: democracy and peace
Period: 1.6.2017 - 31.12.2020
Partner organization:
Fundación Levántate Mujer

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Program Manager

Paul Mathis

Program Manager Bolivia & Peru
T +41 58 854 11 85

Coordination desk

Marta Pello García

Coordination desk in Bolivia