In case of bereavement

Instead of flowers, you can also give the gift of happiness – by helping people in need. Donations in remembrance of deceased persons can be put toward a specific project, or else we use them wherever they are needed most. Respecting the wishes of the bereaved family and of the deceased individual is important to us.

We take particular care to express our gratitude for all condolence donations and we inform the bereaved family in detail about receipt of the donation. You can recommend COMUNDO in the obituary, or arrange for the funeral collection to be forwarded to us.

In the obituary, please use the following (or similar) wording: Instead of flowers, consider COMUNDO, 6006 Lucerne, Swiss Post account 60-394-4. With the remark: In memory of (name of deceased person; address of bereaved family).

Donations in memory of the deceased come from the heart and give solace. We guarantee that your contribution to a better world will be dealt with conscientiously and diligently.

Account for donations

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