Cooperation as a company

Would you like to support, for example, a southern assignment in your profession or industry? Or to sponsor a co-worker from your region on assignment?
Exclusively support one of over 100 COMUNDO co-workers as a company. With your involvement, you demonstrate your corporate responsibility, and your customers and staff will perceive your company as a committed, socially responsible organization.  

During your cooperation with COMUNDO, you get the following benefits from us:
• Presence at customer and staff events
• Planning and implementation of joint initiatives
• Presentation by the COMUNDO co-worker (during their stay in Switzerland), e.g. at a company gathering, staff function, etc.
• Mention of the partnership in your annual report
• Use of our logo in your communication media
• Mention in our publications (if desired)
• Donation certificate, e.g. for the reception area at your company headquarters
• Additional benefits by arrangement – we are open to your ideas

Send us your contact details, or get in touch with us directly. We look forward to making your acquaintance!


Account for donations

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