Bequest and legacy

What is left when I go? Anyone who sorts out their last wishes in good time can enjoy their life without worry.

With a bequest, you provide lasting support for our commitment to making the world fairer, and give disadvantaged people hope for a better future.

You have obtained and carefully invested your assets over a long period of time. We assure you that we will handle your bequest with just as much care, so that it gives rise to something permanent.

Are you considering including COMUNDO (Bethlehem Mission Immensee's successor organization) in your will? Would you like to discuss your questions in person, or to learn more about our work? We will gladly send you our bequest guide, without obligation and free of charge.

Elisabeth Wintzler is your competent contact person if you have any questions about bequests. She can be reached by telephone on 058  854  11  55 and will be happy to answer your questions in a personal conversation or during a visit. Naturally, we will handle your query confidentially and with great diligence.

Account for donations

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