Sustainability of Co-Worker's assignments

COMUNDO Josef Estermann
Are the assignments of Co-workers in the global South still noticeable ten years after their finalisation? How does it work? Which factors influence the sustainability of an assignment?
A research project carried out in COMUNDO's four Latin American assignment countries Nicaragua, Colombia, Peru and Bolivia dealt with these questions. The project was supported by the Fund for Innovative South Projects of Unité (the Swiss association for Personnel Development Cooperation).
For the research project, 20 partner organizations were interviewed by COMUNDO. 90 percent of them affirm the sustainable and long-term impact of the Co-worker's assignments. This is particularly evident in strengthening the organization and deepening the skills of employees. The exchange of knowledge and experience has also had a positive effect on the respective target population (e.g. women, young people with disabilities or indigenous communities): among other things, they have increased the awareness of their own situation and their determination to change. Many of the results of the assignments would continue having an effect for a long time to come, e.g. in the physical form of publications or solar showers as well as in the form of databases, new networks or clear strategies.


Josef Estermann

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