Basics & Research

The aim of the «Basics & Research» unit is to develop the necessary foundations for the strategic orientation of the organization and the thematic priorities, as well as the transversal themes. In addition, it carries out targeted studies and empirical research projects on questions of securing and analysing the impact of Co-worker missions in the global South and awarness-raising in the North.

2015-2017 was dominated by the debate on «Development»; the results are contained in the publication «The uneasiness with development». In 2017, COMUNDO's research project «Sustainability of Co-worker's interventions in Personnel Development Cooperation in Latin America» was carried out and concluded with a final document in German and Spanish, as well as summaries in English and French. The same year, a list of arguments on behalf of Personnel Development Cooperation (PDC) was drawn up to give the organisation a solid base concerning external communication and political lobbying. A detailed basic paper was elaborated for the campaign «Youth Needs a Future» (2018-2020). A guide to «Spirituality and religion in the PDC» was published in 2018. In addition, another research project has been carried out in 2018, this time with the fundamental issue of what kind of «added value» our partner organizations in the South see in the PDC, and what motives play a role in the requests for skilled Co-workers from the North. In addition, case studies and best practices in the South and North have been prepared on the «Worldwide Learning» approach.

peza-studie wirksamkeit 19

PDC from the point of view of the global South

How do our partner organisations in the global South rate the added value of international Personnel Development Cooperation (PDC), in which foreign Co-workers are involved in local projects?

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Kinder spielen in Angola bei Kisumu Kenia

The basics of «Youth needs a future»

The age structure of society is one of the main characteristics where the global North differs from the global South. What is the situation of young people in our countries of assignment?

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COMUNDO Josef Estermann

Sustainability study published

Are the assignments of Co-workers in the global South still noticeable ten years after the finalization of their missions? Such questions were addressed by a research project carried out in COMUNDO's Latin American assignment countries.

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Warum der Sueden unten ist

Why the South is down

Why is the South down on our «world maps»? And why does this also apply to many people in the South? The new book by COMUNDO Research Director Josef Estermann explores this question.

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Das Buch «Das Unbehagen an der Entwicklung: Eine andere Entwicklung oder anders als Entwicklung?»

Concept of development

The book «The uneasiness with development: another development or beyond development?» resulted from a process of reflection on the concept of development initiated by COMUNDO.

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Josef Estermann

Responsible Basics & Research / Program Manager Kenya & Zambia ad interim
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