COMUNDO's principles

  • COMUNDO is an organization involved in development cooperation. Its three supporting associations (Bethlehem Mission Immensee, E-CHANGER, and Inter-Agire) pursue the same objectives and share a vision of a fairer world. On the basis of their specific qualities and experience, they are driven by the common conviction that a shift toward greater equality is possible, and that peoples can live together in dignity and peace.
  • At COMUNDO, people commit themselves in the interests of a world where human rights are respected. They practise solidarity. In direct exchanges, they experience the enrichment that difference and diversity bring. They also see themselves as part of a greater whole. Self-determination, respectful treatment on an equal footing, dialog between cultures and religions, and an attentive relationship with nature are important starting points.
  • COMUNDO identifies the causes of repression and destruction, and takes the side of the weakest in Latin America, Africa, and Asia. Qualified and motivated co-workers living alongside people who have to endure poverty, discrimination, and repression, support the autonomous development processes of local partner organizations. These can be social movements, church-based organizations, or non-governmental organizations.
  • In Switzerland, COMUNDO promotes worldwide solidarity by means of educational, informative and awareness-raising activities. It demonstrates the causes of injustice, launches campaigns, and participates in networks and forums within Swiss civil society.
  • COMUNDO's methods are characterized by mutual respect, trust and transparency. The co-workers perform their tasks in a competent, quality-conscious, process-oriented, and effective manner.
  • COMUNDO sees itself as a learning structure. Learning from each other is an open process, in which everyone changes. In this process, the exchange with partner organizations and an open dialog among all participants play essential roles.

Extract of program 2015-2020 dated 4th July 2014