COMUNDO is the leading Swiss organization in the field of personnel development cooperation (PDC). It consists of the two associations Bethlehem Mission Immensee and Inter-Agire. COMUNDO runs a branch in Lucerne, in Fribourg, and in Bellinzona, as well as an office in Germany (Rottweil). COMUNDO currently has around 80 co-workers on assignment in 7 countries.
COMUNDO pursues the objective of social justice worldwide by maintaining the following principles:
  • In the countries where assignments take place, COMUNDO concentrates on the exchange of experience and knowledge. Co-workers and local partner organizations meet on an equal footing and work together on site.
  • This cooperation not only strengthens the local partner organizations, but also improves living conditions for the population groups involved in the process.
  • In Switzerland, COMUNDO makes people conscious of global interrelationships and raises awareness among civil society and political decision-makers, in the interests of responsible action.
COMUNDO works with a holistic approach and encourages cross-linking between its work and various partners. The local partner organizations represent civil society, social movements, and church-based organizations.

In its work, COMUNDO focuses on the following core themes:
Livelihood Security / Democracy and Peace / Environment

Around 80 co-workers are currently on assignment in 7 Latin-American, African, and Asian countries: Bolivia, Kenya, Colombia, Nicaragua, Peru, the Philippines and Zambia.