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Database Management (Junior Assignment)

Als Junior unterstützen Sie die Partnerorganisation im Aufbau eines geeigneten Datenmanagements und bilden das Team in der Erhebung und Analyse der Daten weiter.


There is very little information and data on children with disabilities and their families in Kenya. Gaps in interventions have been observed as well as a lack of well-trained personnel in both the education and health sectors. However, children with disabilities require consistent intervention in order for them to have the best outcome in life and reach their fullest potential. More accurate and current data would be a great asset in order to design interventions that have more impact on the lives of children with disabilities. Furthermore, exact numbers of beneficiaries and interventions will support accurate reporting programming and advocacy strategies.

Partner Organisation

Special Education Professionals (SEP) is a multi-disciplinary team of special education professionals working within the framework of education, rehabilitation and healthcare in Kenya. Using the diverse expertise, SEP provides sustainable interventions that support children with disabilities and empower their families and caregivers. SEP aims at an inclusive society where children with disabilities are actively participating in their families, educational institutions, and communities, providing them equal opportunities to reach their fullest potential.


As Co-Worker of Comundo you support primarily the staff of SEP with the following activities:
• Analyse the existing documentation and data
• Evaluate possible Data Base Management Systems (DBMS)
• Design and implement databases in accordance to SEP’s information, needs and views
• Create reporting templates
• Train staff on knowledge management

Objectives of the post

Establish an efficient data base management system on interventions within SEP programmes that supports all phases of the project management cycle.


• Degree in a field relevant to the assignment
• Experience in designing and administrating databases
• Resident in Switzerland
• Very good English language skills
• Intercultural competence

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